What our satisfied customers are saying about us.

  • "I just wanted to let all of you know how much I like the magnum arrow puller. I recently competed in the State Games of America and had the opportunity to use it. My arrows were getting stuck in the targets that they used, and the standard arrow pullers that we had weren't getting the job done easily. We had to yank the arrow, and the grip would slip. Then another competitor let me use her puller. (a DD Archery magnum puller) Wow!! What a difference! I was able to get my arrows out a lot easier, and the puller NEVER slipped. I came home after the competition and ordered one. Yes it was pricey for a puller, but I am SO GLAD I got one. You can bet I will be "talking it up" at the range, and any other competitions I go to. I will NEVER use another manufacturers arrow puller again."

    Mike Langley
  • "I've been bow hunting for 40 years but I'm new to crossbows. I made the mistake of shooting target tips into a broadhead only target. I have a rubber grip style puller that was useless. I had trouble finding one online any better, and I found yours. It arrived today and it works amazingly"

    Gary Robbins
  • "Hey I just wanted to thank you so much. I've had chronic pancreatitis for past 3 years and was very tough for me to pull the arrows out. I love bow hunting and shooting my bow now with your puller you have made it a bit easier on me. Thanks so much for a great puller. It will stay with me at the 3D shoots and let anyone use it I will send them your way."

    Ebayer: abner77
  • "I shot my predator crossbow into a new 18 and one target. The target was outside in the cold for 2 days. The field point arrow would not come out. I tried pulling on it with two people for days. I waited for your arrow puller to arrive and it pulled it out by twisting the arrow then pulling. The target was melted to the arrow. I just want to let you know your product did the job while the other hand rubber grippers failed."

    Pete Griffin
  • "I have owned a Magnum arrow puller for about a year. I'm just dropping you a line to let you know this is the best arrow puller I have ever owned . No matter the weather not once has it slipped . Thank you for a quality product! Roland Walfield, Nova Scotia, Canada"

    Roland Walfield
  • "While at a 3D competition, we shot a target and someone in a group ahead of us had broken off an X-Cutter in the target and left it there. There was less than an inch of arrow sticking out, and would have been impossible to remove. I was able to get my magnum grip puller on it, and even with it only catching 3/4 inch or so, it still gripped well enough to pull the arrow out."

    Doug R
  • "I bought the Magnum about a month ago. I am a member of Crossbow Nation, and posted a thread on how well the puller worked. It is rare today when a product rises above your expectations. But this puller is the best, and works on the hardest of targets. Glad I made this purchase. Great Product."

    John Hartsoe
  • "I received my Magnum Grip the other day and had a chance to try it out today. I want to let you know that the Magnum Grip is the best investment I've made for this hobby. I went from standing on targets, destroying palms and taking an eternity to pull arrows out to pulling them out with EASE. A matter of a few seconds! If anyone has issues pulling their crossbow arrows out of a Rinehart 18-1, the Magnum Grip is all you'll ever need! This thing has made this hobby enjoyable again. I was DREADING going out to shoot knowing how much it BLOWS to try and pull the arrows afterwards. Not anymore! This thing works wonders. THANK YOU!!! I'll be recommending this thing to everyone I know!"

  • "We got the puller in time for Xmas and it works beautifully! Thanks for making such a kick-ass product!!"

    Ben Cantrick
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for the magnum puller and shame on me for not purchasing it sooner. Prior to this puller, I'd be tired after the first few shots in my 3D league. And taking extra time tying to strain and remove arrows. Now, simple clamp, slight twist and pull. Shot the best round of my life last night due to less stress and fatigue. Several fellow shooters admired and tried it as well. I simply can't thank you enough... my 3d league outlook is night and day different now."

    Dave G. Archery Talk: dajogejr
  • "This product is great. I was having trouble with getting my bolts out of my Rhinehart target, but the DD arrow puller changed that. I almost had to buy another target."

  • "I have wasted money on a bunch of other arrow pullers over the years. After buying this one I will never waste money in buying another. This is by far the best one built. I tell guys all the time get this one and never look back."

    Jock Henry
  • "I used the Magnum Arrow Puller at a tournament yesterday. I pulled a broken carbon arrow out of a target, the other guys broke it trying to pull it out before I got there. There was enough sticking out to get about three inches of grip with the Magnum; came out no problem. Pulled another arrow out shot from the same bow that no one could get out. It was coated with arrow lube all the way up the shaft too; that did make it a challenge, but we still got that arrow out of the target. Two guys that were at that tournament will be buying the Magnum LOL!!! It works just as shown in the videos; it's a great device, buy one and save your wrist."